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Perhaps you’re not a scarf wearer and would prefer a scarf made up into a cushion instead. Once a scarf is tied it’s not always possible to see the full design that’s why I think some of my scarves work better as cushions.


How it works:


Choose the scarf you’d like made up into a cushion. You can have one scarf for the front and another for the back or a complementary coloured plain silk back.


Decide on a size. Most of our cushions are square and range from 16 inches up to 28 inches. Popular sizes tend to be 20 / 22 inches.


The best size and shape of the cushion depends on the scarf design. We will be able to advise you on this so that the design is not compromised.


The cost will depend on the scarf or scarves you choose and the size of the inner pad.


Please email for more information.